Small Helps Small- The Face Mask Donation Project



Hello Friends,

We are living in uncharted territory. Just 6 months ago the thought that we would all be wearing face masks when we leave the house was unimaginable. However, living with COVID-19 means living in a new way, and helping others is at the forefront of our new lifestyle.

Research has shown that face masks are crucial in stopping the spread of the novel coronavirus. As the COVID-19 threat escalated in March and April, devastating shortages forced America into a frantic search for masks and other PPE for our healthcare and essential workers.

Our team here at Little Pieces decided to take action.  On March 24th we launched the Small Helps Small Facemask Donation Project- sewing cloth face masks and donating them to facilities in need, both local and in farther away hotspots.

In order to do this, we asked for donations.  Your response was overwhelming- and we THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY.  Over the past 6 weeks, our team has hand-sewn and donated over 600 masks. The donation of these masks has been facilitated by @maskmatch, a group which matches donors with organizations in need.

All in all, 600 masks were donated in lots of 100.  Our grateful recipients include the Tacoma Rescue Mission Homeless Shelter in Washington State, Sunrise Senior Living in Burlingame California, Kaiser La Habra in California, Unity Hospice in Pasadena California, Cedars Sinai Medical Center in California, and the Redwoods Post Acute in San Jose, California.

While the urgent need for PPE might appear to have eased, our new way of life has created an ongoing demand for reusable face masks. Not only does our project address this pressing need, it keeps our small team employed during this economic crisis.

We continue to ask for donations to help communities fight the virus. Even a small contribution is helpful, as everything counts. Each face mask costs $6 to make, including materials, labor, and shipping costs. If you make a donation of $1000 or more, you will have the option to request a specific facility you would like the masks to go to. We pledge to maintain our transparency and keep donors updated.

Little Pieces and our mask recipients would like to express our heartfelt gratitude for your compassion in desperate times. Your donations save lives.

Please stay safe. We look forward to continuing our project, which is entirely dependent on your help and kindness.

Warmest Wishes!