Small Helps Small- The Face Mask Donation Project


Hello Friends,

As I’m sure you have been hearing on the news, the need for face masks in communities large and small throughout the USA is dire. The government has asked citizens to donate masks for hospitals throughout the country, and the Deaconess Hospital in Indiana released a video on how to sew a hospital approved face mask for crafters to follow.

Our team here at Little Pieces wants to help as much as we can. We will be sewing cloth face masks according to the hospital approved pattern and donating them to facilities in need, both local and in farther away hotspots.

We are asking for your donations in order to do this. Each face mask costs $6 to make, including materials, labor, and shipping costs. We will be donating allotments of 100 face masks to the organizations in need, and will move forward with complete transparency.

In addition to hospitals, many other smaller organizations need masks. We want to make sure these places do not get overlooked. Senior centers, homeless shelters, childcare facilities, and food banks also need face masks.

As we sew the lots of 100 face masks, we have volunteers allocating them, to ensure that the masks we sew will be accepted and will be permitted for use by that specific facility.

Our face mask project will not only provide much needed face masks, but will keep our small team employed during this economic crises. The community needs your help!! Now is the time to think of others and move forward with compassion.

As your donations are made, we will keep you updated as to which facility receives them and at what date. If you make a donation of $1000 or more, you will have the option to request a specific facility you would like the masks to go to.

We thank you so much for your help and look forward to helping others in our community.

Please stay safe and we look forward to having you join our project!

Warmest Wishes!