With great passion Cullanete Bloom started Little Pieces in 2017. She wanted to manifest a concept, vision, and mission that are exceptional to the industry.  Little Pieces offers custom made lingerie, something that no other brand does.  Cullanete understands that women’s bodies are beautiful and very different, and is fascinated and driven to create intimate apparel that fulfills the needs and wants of her different customers, showcasing each girl like a Hollywood Starlet.          

Thirteen years of experience with leading lingerie companies enabled Cullanete to observe first hand the ins and outs of the business and gain a deep understanding of the intimates market from start to finish.  During that time, she gathered information about fabrics, construction and fit, production, sales and strategy, branding, trends, and most importantly, she familiarized herself with the many types of customers for intimate apparel.  She has developed a keen sense of what women need and is able to deliver unbelievable product.         

Cullanete’s passion extends far beyond amazing lingerie however.  Included in the dream of Little Pieces is a determination to produce Ethical Fashion and the aspiration to create a Lifestyle Brand that will offer workshops dealing with a variety of subjects such as burlesque, dance, intimacy, and sexuality.