Our Mission

Little Pieces is a burlesque inspired luxury lingerie brand that is passionate about creating a world where women of all backgrounds and body types can have a personalized experience in finding their own quintessential sexy, starting with the perfect lingerie!

Little Pieces is also fiercely dedicated to promoting ethical fashion by using raw materials from companies that are socially and environmentally conscious, as well as partnering only with companies who pay their employees a living wage and that are kind to the environment.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by Hollywood starlets and undeniable sex symbols of the past, little pieces captures a unique niche which embodies the spirit of all things burlesque.

Designed to bridge the gap between sensual lingerie and theatrical unmentionables, each exquisite piece is reminiscent of an experience yet to be had.

Intended for the sexy, intelligent, quirky, witty, and provocative lady, buying a little piece is like finding a little piece of yourself that you didn't know existed.

Handcrafted with Care


Love is Art

Prohibition Collection

Permission Collection

Allettare Black Label Collection