High-End & Custom Lingerie

Our Mission

Little Pieces is a burlesque inspired luxury lingerie brand that is passionate about creating a world where women of all backgrounds and body types can have a personalized experience in finding their own quintessential sexy, starting with the perfect lingerie!

Little Pieces is also fiercely dedicated to promoting ethical fashion by using raw materials from companies that are socially and environmentally conscious, as well as partnering only with companies who pay their employees a living wage and that are kind to the environment.

Our Inspiration

Inspired by Hollywood starlets and undeniable sex symbols of the past, Little Pieces captures a unique niche which embodies the spirit of all things burlesque.

Designed to bridge the gap between sensual lingerie and theatrical unmentionables, each exquisite piece is reminiscent of an experience yet to be had.

Intended for the sexy, intelligent, quirky, witty, and provocative lady, buying a Little Piece is like finding a little piece of yourself that you didn't know existed.

Crafted with Care

Custom Couture Lingerie

Custom Couture Lingerie

Love is Art


"I am over the moon with my Little Pieces experience! I had an idea that Cullanete brought to life in the most magical way. Going off of little more than a description and my measurements, the piece that was created fit my body’s every curve and line. When I tried it on, not a single stitch needed to be corrected or moved. I have never felt so glorious, so beautiful, so sexy as I do wearing my Little Pieces lingerie. Lifetime customer right here."                 -Tarah Bird

"Cullanete's pieces are stunningly sexy and flattering AND comfortable!  She sews each piece by hand and they are handcrafted with her artistic eye and attention to detail. You won't believe how sexy you feel wearing Little Pieces.  They are the only panties and bras I wear since I got addicted to her custom pieces.  I get tons of compliments on her original artistic creations!"  -Jennifer Rose

"I’m not usually a lingerie type of gal, but the unique and classic yet edgy designs make Little Pieces a source I want to keep coming back to - they make great gifts for friends too!"  -Hollie Hinton

"I reached out to Little Pieces lingerie in hopes that I could have some custom lingerie designed for my wedding night and honeymoon. Cullanete was so genuinely happy to help me find the perfect style for my petite figure and then crafted the most beautiful, delicate yet sexy lingerie for these special occasions. My husband still can’t get over how incredible the pieces were and loves them the most out of everything I own.  I look forward to adding more lingerie from Little Pieces to my intimates."  -Tina Ross